Upskilling Agricultural Engineering in Europe, USAGE

Last changed: 25 October 2023
USAGE – international collaboration for Life Long Learning in smart and digital farming in an ERASMUS+ program

The main objective of USAGE is to enable smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through upskilling, innovative pedagogic approaches and access to experience. Therefore the implementation of different modules regarding digital transformation as well as development of a curriculum of an international modularized lifelong learning Master will be carried out. Outstanding experts from universities, industries and leading farms will work together. This will ensure the broad offer of high-level education as well as stronger cooperation between universities and companies. Ideas and needs from the sector will be brought to academia, both regarding new inventions and the need of educated professionals. A key element of USAGE is to encourage learning mobility between countries and disciplines –inspiring more engineers to choose a career within smart farming, and more agronomists to further specialize in technological subjects. Participating universities are SLU, BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), TUM (Technical University of Munich) and UniBozen (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano).

BT offers a course in “Precision livestock farming for sustainable production”.

In the USAGE program, BT offers a course in “Precision livestock farming for sustainable production”. The  course aims to provide knowledge about precision technology for livestock production (Precision Livestock Farming, PLF) including its principles and frameworks, design and evaluation with a focus on end-user perspective. With PLF, the use of sensors, capturing sensor data including advanced data processing, useful information can be provided about the animals. This continuous monitoring will not only help the farmers, as a useful tool, but as such also improve animal welfare, production and the environment.

Link to the course page:

The course can also be accessible as a commissioned course for staff that do not meet the formal requirements. Please contact the course leader Anders Herlin


The project is funded by: European Comission (Erasmus +)

Duration of the project: 2019-2022

Project Leader: Geir Löe, SLU, DEA

Other contributors: A. Herlin (SLU BT), C. Almlöv (SLU EDU), F. Mazzetto (UniBozen, Ity), H. Bernhardt (TUM, Ger), A. Gronauer (BOKU, At)