User policy

Last changed: 24 November 2022

Researchers and students at SLU can be granted access to equipment in Sensola, to use in research projects and student work. A prerequisite is that the intended usage is research oriented and that the applicant can show that ethical issues have been given due consideration.

In case of interest, contact the coordinator at To gain access to equipment, the applicant needs to fill out a shorter application and sign the user agreement.



  • A stationary laboratory with one control room and two study rooms. The setup includes equipment for audio-visual representation, eyetracking and physiological measurements.
  • An ambulatory laboratory based on smart, new technology to facilitate measurements in actual outdoor environment. All equipment is portable and allows measurements of location data (e.g. GPS, accelerometer, audio-visual data) as well as physiological data (e.g. heart rate and skin conductance)


Propose a project

The lab equipment can be used by researchers and students active at SLU. Declaration of interest should be directed to Sensola’s coordinator ( well ahead of the intended start time. (At least 4 weeks).

Users are obliged to fill out a form to briefly describe the project’s purpose, method and expected outcomes. In the form, the applicant should also describe how ethical considerations have been taken account for. The main applicant is responsible for research ethics and data management including correct storage and handling of data. Once accepted, a user agreement is signed by both parties.


Sensola’s role

  • Sensola can offer employees and students at SLU access to research equipment. To gain access, an approved application is required.
  • In case of conflict between projects, early applications are given priority.
  • The lab coordinator can give advice on research equipment. To optimize coordination, users are encouraged to make informal “declarations of interest” early in their planning.
  • At present, Sensola does not have any possibilities to aid with data collection or analysis of data.


User responsibilities

  • The user should fill out an application form to outline the research, highlighting ethical considerations.
  • All proposed projects should be research driven and with good academic quality.
  • The equipment in the laboratory is expensive and sensitive. Users are responsible to return all borrowed equipment in the same condition as when retrieved.
  • Sensola should be acknowledged in research papers where lab equipment has been used to collect data.
  • To contribute to the accumulated knowledge base in Sensola, users should provide methodological feedback on their work to the coordinator. This can be done, for example by writing a short abstract or producing a video documentation. Video equipment can be borrowed from the laboratory and users are encouraged to produce documentation that can be posted on Sensola’s homepage.


Sensola application form 2021.pdf

Sensola user agreement form 2021.pdf


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