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The Unit for Collaboration and Development is one of the LTV Faculty's collaborative support resources. Within the unit there are four plattforms SLU Partnership Alnarp, Movium Think Tank, SLU Urban Futures and Training for Professionals.

Head of the Unit with personnel responsibility

Kristina Santén, Head of Unit for the Unit for Collaboration and Development, tel. 073- 02 09 088




Operations Managers

Caroline Dahl, Operations Manager Movium Think Tank, participates in SLU Landscape, phone: 040-41 52 61


Lisa Diedrich, Programme Director SLU Urban Futures, participates in SLU Landskap, phone: 072-58 77 844 (sick leave until further notice).


Susanna Lundqvist. Photo.Susanna Lundqvist, Project Leader within Training for Professionals, coordinator in the Horticulture subject group in Partnership Alnarp, participates in SLU Horticulture, phone 040 - 41 51 75 
The representative for the Unit in the council for collaboration.



Carl-Otto Swartz, Operations Manager SLU Partnership Alnarp, tel. 072 - 50 37 804


Nina Vogel, deputy Programme Director SLU Urban Futures until 30 June 2021, tel. 072-70 44 064. 





Portrait of a woman. Photo.Matilda Alfengård, Programme Secretary SLU Urban Futures




Portraitpicture of  a woman.

Ida Andersson, Project Leader in a research communication project at LT, 040-41 55 47, 070-281 51 42




Jeanette Donner, Administrator for the Unit for Collaboration and Developement, Administrator for SLU Partnership Alnarp, Movium Think Tank and SLU Urban Futures, phone: 073-07 62 956



Lisa Germundssson, off duty, from the role as Operations Manager for SLU Partnership Alnarp, for doctoral studies at the Department of People and Society, phone: 040-41 52 53     




Fredrik Jergmo, deputy Operations Manager for Movium Think Tank, Project Coordinator, Editor for Movium Fakta and Movium Plantarum, phone 040-41 50 86, 070-294 8757.



 Lena Johnson, Project Leader within Training for professionals, Webb Publisher, phone: 040 - 41 52 69




Lena Jungmark, Coordinator for Children and young people's outdoor environment, Movium Think Tank, phone: 072-23 87 921



Harald Klein, Coordinator Movium Partnership, Enviromental Assessment Coordinator (SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment), Movium Think Tank, phone: 040-41 55 53

The representative in the council for collaboration.and the safety representative.


Jan Larsson, Coordinator SLU Partnership Alnarp, tel. 040 - 41 50 73




Fanny Malmström, Project Leader (parental leave).




Parvin Mazandarani, Communications Officer and webb publisher Movium Think Tank, SLU Partnership Alnarp and SLU Urban Futures, phone 040 - 41 52 11




Anders Rasmusson, Coordinator Movium Rådgivning, Movium Think Tank, tel. 040-41 52 01




 Titti Olsson, Editor in Chief "Tidskriften Stad", Movium Think Tank, phone 040-41 52 13




Tove Stenius, Programme Secretary SLU Urban Futures, phone 072-23 86 054 (parental leave).




Hanna Weiber-Post, Communications Officer SLU Urban Futures, tel. 072-45 35 337. 




Portrait of a woman. Photo:

Camilla Zakrisson Juhlin, Communications Officer, Unit for Collaboration and Developement and SLU Partnership Alnarp, participant in a research communication project at LTV, phone 073-09 28 921


Administrative support 

Portrait of a woman.

Isabel Anselmo, HR Administrative Officer, 040-41 53 53, 070-29 30 982 




Ulrika Lindblad, Financial Administrator, 0722-10 54 30


Marie Månsson, HR-Administrator, 040-41 54 44, 073-04 58 054




Aria Farahi Nobarian, Financial Officer, 072-24 79 758







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