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Last changed: 04 July 2023

At SLU in Alnarp, the research area of environmental psychology is important. Over the years, we have worked closely with the researchers. As a result, we have been able to offer popular science courses, seminars and books in the field. We have primarily turned to rural entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their activities in the field of nature and health. 

We have been the initiators and editors of the following books used in various educational contexts. The overall theme has been "Green Entrepreneur".

• Naturupplevelse och hälsa - forskningen visar vägen, ISBN 978-91-576-9036-4
• Skogens sociala värden - forskningen visar vägen, ISBN 978-91-576-9194-1
• Naturuppleveler för oss alla - forskningen visar vägen, ISBN 978-91-576-9219-1

The books "Naturupplevelse och hälsa - forskningen visar vägen" and "Skogens sociala värden - forskningen visar vägen" is available to buy as e-books at Adlibris or Bokus.

The first edition of "Branschbeskrivning Trädgård" was released in 2012 and it spans many areas. The report takes a holistic approach and covers the fields of horticulture, outdoor environment and recreational cultivation. The update from 2017 contains current figures and new knowledge, but the conclusion is the same as before - the field of gardening continues to be of great importance in Swedish society. "Branschbeskrivning Trädgård - område hortikultur, utemiljö och fritidsodling", from the year 2017, is available to download here (in swedish).

During 2016 we carried out a training programme on behalf of the Swedish Public Employment Service to increase employment opportunities for newly arrived academics. The training programme increased participants' knowledge of the Swedish horticultural research and industry and served as an introduction to work. The experience of the training programme has been compiled to inspire educational actors into creating new training courses that can contribute to greater integration.

The "Skåne Garden Strategy" has been developed by Partnership Horticulture at SLU, with funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development through the County Administrative Board of Skåne. The strategy is based on consultation and input from many stakeholders, including industry representatives, producer associations, food companies, consulting companies, authorities and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


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