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Welcome to Partnership Horticulture

Tillväxt Trädgård – Partnership Horticulture is a national collaboration between academia and the horticultural industry with the aim to create growth and sustainable development in the horticultural sector.

One objective is to increase the value of products and services for fruit and vegetables, potatoes, ornamentals, nursery plants and other areas of horticulture.

Partnership Horticulture

We create the conditions for increased competitiveness and growth through innovation, new ways of thinking and collaboration.

Our activities include research and development projects, developing businesses and markets, promoting regional development, organising seminars and producing newsletters.

Partnership Horticulture funds projects related to horticulture, normally around a couple of hundred thousand SEK per project. Projects can be for example feasibility studies or additional studies to develop existing projects with external collaboration.

Target and focus areas

Three target areas
• Businesses and markets
• Research and education
• Sustainable community development

Seven focus areas
• Unique values ​​of Swedish horticultural products 
• Innovative raw materials and processing
• Strong knowledge chain: research - innovation - education – advisory      services
• Services that are in demand
• Sustainable production systems
• Competitive businesses
• Communication and cooperation


Partnership Horticulture has 17 partners:

  • SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
  • LRF Trädgård (the Federation of Swedish Farmers – Section Horticulture and Market Gardens)
  • RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden 
  • the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society (10 regional societies of Hushållningssällskapet)
  • the following consultant companies: Växa Sverige,  Lovang Lantbrukskonsult, ProGro and Cascada.
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