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Symposium arranged by Centre for Biological Control

Published: 23 May 2012

Towards Integrated Biological Control was the title of a well-attended international symposium arranged by Centre for Biological Control at SLU as a kick-off for their business. For two days in April a series of lectures from different perspectives was given.

The symposium gave insights into how Swedish farmers and advisers looks at biological control and the problems to be solved in order to increase the use of biological control. Several interesting international research projects were also presented.

One important point that most speakers emphasized was the difficulties to get microbial pesticides registered and approved. Within the EU, chemical and microbial pesticides are assessed within the same regulatory framework (EU Regulation 1107/2009), which inhibits the development.

Centre for Biological Control (CBC) is a new research centre at SLU to increase knowledge about biological control and to contribute to the development of new products that can be used to reduce pest problems in field and greenhouses. Five researchers are employed at CBC with different responsibilities, such as laws and regulations on biological control and formulation of biological plant protection preparations.