Last changed: 16 March 2023
Two line diagrams. Illustration.

FyrisQ calculates water balances and simulates runoff.

FyrisQ is based on the water balance model WASMOD (Xu 2002) and has been programmed on the same platform (in Visual Basic. Net) as FyrisNP. The model simulates runoff with monthly alt. weekly resolution. The model is calibrated against measured discharge.

FyrisQ is used to simulate runoff at the IM sites (e.g. Löfgren 2021). 


C-Y. Xu, 2002. WASMOD - The water and snow balance modeling system. In: V.J.Singh and D.K. Frevert, Editors, Mathematical Models of Small Watershed Hydrology and Applications, Water Resources Publications LLC, Highlands Ranch,CO, U.S. (2002), pp. 555-590 (Chapter 17). 

Löfgren, S. (Ed.) 2021. Integrerad övervakning av miljötillståndet I svensk skogsmark – IM. Årsrapport 2020. Institutionen för vatten och miljö, SLU. Rapport 2021:16, 28 pages + appendix.