Last changed: 16 March 2023
Logotype of the INCA model. Edited photo.

A landscape scale modeling tool for water quality.

INCA is a family of landscape-scale models for simulating material transport in rivers. Versions of the model have been developed for nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, carbon, mercury and metals. The model has been applied in Sweden, Europe and elsewhere to simulate water quality in agricultural, forest covered and urban water sheds. Because INCA is semi-distributed, it can be used to simulate water quality and flows at multiple points within a catchment. The model operates on a daily time step and is suitable for simulations of 1-100+ years. It can be used to explore the relative importance of land-phase and in-stream processes on controlling water quality and to simulate the effects of land use and climate change on material concentration in rivers.

Agencies, researchers and others can contact SLU to inquire about joint projects using the INCA family of models.