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Last changed: 29 August 2016

The main objectives of SLU water HUB are to: 1) Clarify SLU's expertise and role in Swedish water management, particularly in catchment scale modeling and assessment of water quality. 2) Provide a focal point for external stakeholders. 3) Organizing and coordinating the activities internally (projects, tasks and resources). 4) Achieve and secure a critical mass of expertise for long-term sustainable activities.

The short term aim is to develop, manage and apply SLU's models andcalculation system for soil leaching, transport and turnover ofnutrients in catchments. The long-term goal is a decision support system for the development ofcost-effective action programmes for reducing eutrophication in lakes, rivers andseas. All model development includes opportunities to study the effects of climate change.


The main activities for SLU Water HUB are:

  • Develop models and tools for the calculation of water balances, soil leaching, river transport, retention and source apportionment of nitrogenand phosphorus, and cost effectiveness of different measures;
  • Manage and store developed models and tools and related documentation;
  • Providemodels and tools for assignments, research and teaching, andoffer model training for professionals in the water sector;
  • Apply models in various assignments such as upscaling from field-scale and small catchments to major river basins and analysis of the impact of changes im land use, agriculture, pollution, climate and deposition;
  • Market the SLU Water HUB externally to potential funders / clients;
  • Inform externally and internally on the activities through SLU's websites, seminars, printed materials, etc.;
  • Coordinatingthe activities internally and SLU's workwithin the framework of the consortium SMED;
  • Coordinate and lead major projects.


The unit is common to departments at the MVM-cluster on the faculty of natural resourcesand landscapes. Currently the unitis delimited to activities and projects at the Departments of Aquatic Science & Assessment and Soil & Environment. The unit is located on the first department, butin practice it must should be regarded as common to both departments.

The unit initiates and coordinates projects within the SLU activity environmental monitoring and assessment and its programmes Lakes and rivers andEutrophication. The unit is headed by a manager who is placed at the Department of Aquatic Science & Assessment.


The need for modeling and assessment of water quality in catchment areasis steadily increasing in society. Some important areas of application are:

• Water authorities work under the EU Water Framework Directive (management and action plans);

• Work by Swedish Board of Agriculture to follow-up the environmental impact of agricultural policy and the monitoring and reporting under the EU Nitrates Directive;

• Reporting of pollution loads on the sea to international commissions (HELCOM and OSPAR);

• EPA's follow up of the environmental objective Zero Eutrophication

• Local planning and action work (municipalities and water management boards).

In all areas of application the demand of model results on the effects offuture climate change will increase in the future. In both water authorities and HELCOM's response strategies measures in agriculture has top priority if the objectives of nitrogen and phosphorus is to be attained.

In SLU's strategy for research, teaching and environmental monitoring and assessment the efforts in the field of eutrophication and the marine environment is stressed as well as increased focus on assessments, summaries and forecasts. SLU water HUB makes it possible to further strengthen the activities in these areas.


The staff at SLU Water HUB are employed at the Department of Soil and Environment or the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment.

Blombäck Karin – Karin.Blomback@slu.se

Collentine Dennis – Dennis.Collentine@slu.se

Djodjic Faruk – Faruk.Djodjic@slu.se

Jens Fölster - Jens.Folster@slu.se

Futter Martyn – Martyn.Futter@slu.se

Gärdenäs Annemieke – Annemieke.Gardenas@slu.se

Hellgren Stefan – Stefan.Hellgren@slu.se

Johnsson Holger – Holger.Johnsson@slu.se

Kyllmar Katarina – Katarina.Kyllmar@slu.se

Lindsjö Anders – Anders.Lindsjo@slu.se

Löfgren Stefan – Stefan.Lofgren@slu.se

Markensten Hampus – Hampus.Markensten@slu.se

Mårtensson Kristina – Kristina.Martensson@slu.se

Orback Caroline – Caroline.Orback@slu.se

Persson Kristian – Kristian.Persson@slu.se

Schmieder Frank – Frank.Schmieder@slu.se

Sonesten Lars – Lars.Sonesten@slu.se

Widén Nilsson Elin – Elin.Widen@slu.se

Leaflet for download

SLU Water HUB has a tri-fold leaflet for download which shortly describes our work. You can also read more about us, the application of our models and what we have published in our different projects here on our website.

Tri-fold leaflet for SLU Water HUB (English): VattenNAV_folder_eng.pdf

Tri-fold leaflet for SLU Water HUB (Swedish): VattenNAV_folder.pdf