NLeCCS (Nutrient Leaching Coefficient Calculation System)

Last changed: 15 March 2023

NLeCCS (Nutient Leaching Coefficient Calculation System) is a modelling system for calculation of leaching of both nitrogen and phosphorus from Swedish arable land.

NLeCCS comprises the SOILNDB (nitrogen leaching) and ICECREAMDB (phosphorus leaching) models. The modelling system generate type-specific concentrations for a given nutrient (N or P) as an annual average concentration normalized for mean climatic conditions for 22 Swedish regions during a longer time period and typical for a combination of crop and soil types (for phosphorus also for P-content in the soil and slope).

The calculated type-specific concentrations can be downloaded on our Result pages.

Read more about NLeCCS in the report NLeCCS - a system for calculating nutrient leakage from arable land.