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Last changed: 16 May 2023
All land

Sweden's land area is 40.7 million hectare of which 27.9 million hectares are forest land. Of these 23.5 million hectares are productive forest land.

The Swedish National Forest Inventory collects data over the whole of Sweden and publishes results for all land use classes except sea and fresh water. The Swedish National Forest Inventory collects most data for forest land and productive forest land in particular. Since 2003 areas within protected land are included and from 2016 also alpine areas. Productive forest land is the most dominant land use class followed by Mires (5 million hectares), Alpine areas (4.9 million hectare), and agricultural land (2.8 million hectares).

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The total standing volume in Sweden has increased significantly since the Swedish National Forest Inventory was first undertaken in the 1920's. In the mid 1920's the total standing volume was 1790 mill. m³sk and is today 3601 mill. m³sk (including volume in alpine areas). Sweden's has 27.9 mill. hectares forest land of which 23.5 mill. are productive forest land. Calculated as dry weight, an important value in data related to climate change, the total volume dry weight is 2700 million tons DW.

Sweden's forests are dominated by spruce and pine, which is expected as the almost the whole country is within the Boreal region. Up until the 1970's the increase in volume was dominated by spruce, since then volume of Spruce, Pine and broadleaes have all increased. The increase in spruce slowed down after severe storms in 2005 and 2007 but has now recovered but today pine is the most commen species in terms of volume.


Area conditions
Land area by land use class according to the Swedish Forestry Act
Land area by traditional land use class


Vegetation and site conditions


Standing volume and tree biomass
Total standing volume
Total standing volume by tree species
Standing volume of large broadleaves


Annual growth increment
Total annual increment, total drain, total harvest of living trees and annual natural loss


Forest damage


About official statistics

SLU has been appointed by the Swedish government as responsible for the official statistics about the state and change of Swedens forests. Read more about SLU's official statistics. The Swedish Forest Agency is the responsible authority for felling statistics produced by SLU. As an authority responsible for official statistics SLU must make sure that:

  • All statistics are objective
  • All statistics are well documented
  • All statistics are quaility assured

Official statistics must be made available without cost and also be accessable in electronic form.

All official statistics must be clearly marked maked with Offiicial Statistics of Sweden or bear the following logotype:


Publication plan for official statistics

JO0801 - Skogsdata - current statistics about the Swedish forests
JO0802 - Area conditions
JO0803 - Standing volume and tree biomass
JO0804 - Annual volume increment
JO0805 - Vegetation and site conditions
JO0806 - Forest damage

Current publication dates are shown in Statistics Sweden's publication calender.