Time series from 1923

Last changed: 08 June 2016

Trends based on long time-series from the Swedish National Forest Inventory give pragmatic information about the longterm development of forests and forestry in Sweden. For the more fundamental forest variables it is possible to follow data for the whole time-series from the 1920's to today. Some variables are only presented as countywise estimates whereas for others it is possible to create detailed maps.



Land area by traditional land use class
Bare forestland - Area / proportion, productive forestland
Productive forestland area by age class
          Productive forestland area over 160 years
         Productive forestland area under 21 years

Standing volume
Dead wood - Volume / proportion of total stadning volume
Hard dead wood "useable as firewood", >10cm. All landuse classes
Standing volume by tree species
Standing volume pine, lodgepole pine, spruce birch and other broadleaves. All landuse classes
Standing volume beech
For the following coounties: Blekinge län, Skånes län and Hallands län. All landuse classes

Trees per hectare
Trees per hectare by diameter class
All landuse classes, 10+ cm diameter
         Trees 35+ cm per hectare
Broadleaves per hectare by diameter class
All landuse classes, 10+ cm diameter
          Broadleaves 35+ cm per hectare


Per Nilsson, Head of Analysis
The Swedish National Forest Inventory, SLU
per.nilsson@slu.se, +46 (0)90 786 8472