Advisory board and NFI board

Last changed: 31 August 2022

The Swedish National Forest Inventory undertakes the necessary work required for SLU to fulfill it's undertaking as the authority responsible for official statistics within the field of "Forest Status and change". The NFI's advisory board is a forum where issues connected to forestry statistics can be discussed. The NFI's advisory board also acts as the advisory board to the Swedish National Soil Survey.

The advisory board meets twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. It is the NFI's board that is responsible organising these meetings.

Members of the NFI's advisory board

Göran Ericsson (chairman)
Dean Faculty of Forest Sciences

Brita Asplund
The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Sofia Backéus 
Federation of Swedish Farmers - Forest owners 

Tommy Vennman
Västerbotten county council

Neil Cory
The Swedish Forest Agency

Ola Inghe
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Jonas Jacobsson
KSLA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry)

Karl Duvemo
The Swedish Forest Industries Federation

Karin Hedeklint
Statistics Sweden,
Head of environmental economy and natural resources unit

Johan Vinterbäck
Swedish Energy Agency

Permanently co-opted on the board (SLU):

Cornelia Roberge
Swedish NFI
Program manager

Per-Erik Wikberg
Swedish NFI
Head of analysis

Göran Ståhl
Chairman of the NFI board

Johan Stendahl
Swedish National Soil Inventory
Head of Programme

Members of the NFI board

Chairman (Göran Ståhl)
Head of Programme (Cornelia Roberge)
Head of analysis (Per-Erik Wikberg)
Representative for Sampling competence (Anton Grafström)
Representative for Forest sampling (Hans Petersson)
Representative for Remote sensing (Mats Nilsson)


CorneliaCornelia Roberge, Program manager Swedish NFI
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