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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Research support

Research Infrastructure National Forest Inventory (RINFI) is a support function for research connected to data from the Swedish NFI. The network has been established by SLU in Umeå in cooperation with SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment programme.

Current research

Dramatic reduction in reindeer lichen over the last 60 years
"I have used data from the Swedish NFI to study the óccurance and distribution of reindeer lichen since the 1950's
The data shows a large longterm reduction in the occurance of lichen rich forests - something that affects both reindeer hearding and forest management.
Per Sandström
Researcher, SLU
The combination of high quality data and expert help with analyses has been invaluable for my research." Read Pers thesis here
Published: 08 June 2016 - Page editor: riksskogstaxeringen@slu.se