Integrated control of annual weeds by inter-row hoeing and intra-row herbicide treatment in annual crops

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The aim of the project is to develop integrated control against annual weeds in spring oilseed crops by combining mechanical and chemical control to be performed simultaneously and/or separately. The project, which is a supplement to a larger project funded by the SLF, consists of three field experiments per year where various combinations of row hoeing, chemical control and row spraying are evaluated and compared to more conventional systems for weed control.
The goal is that row hoeing, alone or in combination with chemical weed control, can reduce the overall use of pesticides in spring oilseed crops, compared with conventional control, while good weed control efficacy is maintained.

Project leader: Anneli Lundkvist, (SLU, Uppsala)

Collaborators: Anders TS Nilsson (SLU, Alnarp), Allan Andersson (SLU, Alnarp), David Hansson (SLU,

Alnarp), Maria Stenberg (SLU, Skara och HS, Skaraborg)  och Theo Verwijst (SLU, Uppsala)

Partners: Per Ståhl (HS Rådgivning Agri AB), Mikael Gillbertsson (JTI), Per-Anders Algerbro (JTI)

Funding: Swedish Board of Agriculture