Piglet mortality- a parallel comparison between two farrowing systems combined with optimal management practices

Last changed: 25 October 2023

Piglet mortality is too high in Swedish pig herds and if the sow should be completely loose or fixed a short time in connection with farrowing, is an important issue. However, to perform internationally publishable studies of piglet mortality, parallel studies in the same herd, are required. These unique conditions are found in the rebuilt stables at Önnestad Gymnasium, owned by Hushållningssällskapet in Kristianstad. Here, piglet mortality in two pen types (A; farrowing pen for a loose sow and B; farrowing pen for a temporary fixed sow), in combination with optimal management routines, will be compared. The purpose is to answer the question whether there is a difference in the total piglet mortality (stillbirths and deaths during the lactation period) between the two pen types. The overall objective is to reduce piglet mortality in Swedish pig production.

The project is funded by The Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research and Partnership Alnarp and KSLA

Duration of the project: 2015-2017

Project Leader: Anne-Charlotte Olsson

Other contributors: Jos Botermans