A Safe and Effective System for Introducing New Crops in Sweden- Sweet Potato as a Case

Last changed: 25 October 2023

EIP-Agri project 2017-2019

Demand for new products is increasing in Sweden, but unless the introduction of new crops works, the proportion of Swedish-coded in the market will fall in favor of imports.

It is difficult, costly and risky for an individual producer to try to reach the volumes the trade demands to become interested.

The innovation project will, from a production perspective, result in a process-oriented working model for systematic knowledge building and problem solving throughout the value chain. The innovation should also ensure effective dissemination of knowledge mainly through education.

The innovation applies to the introduction of new crops in general, but since vegetatively propagated crops for a number of reasons present a major challenge, sweet potato has been chosen as the case.


EU-funded project

Projectgroup: Helena Karlén, inst. för biosystem och teknologi, SLU Alnarp

                          Oskar Hansson, HIR Skåne

                          Elisabet Martinsson, Elitplantsstationen

                          Tommy Johansson, Sydgrönt ek. förening