Risk of boron deficiency at increased calcium fertilization in potato

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The aim of this study is to investigate whether an increased calcium application, which is important for improving the quality of potatoes, demand an increased application of boron to maintain a high quality and a high yield. The study will also show if it is possible to increase the yield and/or the starch content by increasing the application of boron. In for example wheat, it has been found that at high concentrations of boron the uptake of calcium is lowered and vice versa. The interaction between boron and calcium is examined in field studies but also in pot experiments carried out in soil or in hydroponic systems.

The project is financed by Stiftelsen Svensk Växtnäringsforskning

Project members are Helene Larsson Jönsson, Helene.Larsson.Jonsson@slu.se & Håkan Asp