How to get there? Sustainable yield and quality of tunnel produced strawberry cultivars

Last changed: 25 October 2023

Strawberry is an important horticultural crop within the horticultural sector. A higher competitiveness of the Swedish strawberry industry is paramount in order to sustain and develop it for the future.

To secure high yields of good quality, superior cultivars and optimal management are crucial. In this project, we focus on Everbearing (EB) strawberry cultivars used in tunnel production in Sweden. EB cultivars facing challenges due to their strong reproductive tendency that represses leaf initiation and growth, limiting leaf canopy for support of fruit growth and thereby leading to unstable yield potential. The project addresses, flower mapping, nectar content and pollination as tools to indicate stable yield of EB cultivars. Interactions of these tools with environmental signals controlling plant growth and flower formation are evaluated. The project provides solutions directly related to the cultivation process that can lead to sustainable production of EB cultivars in tunnels


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Project Leader:
Sammar Khalil. Department of biosystem and technology

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Paul Egan. Department of Plant Protection Biology.

Johan Stenberg. Department of Plant Protection Biology.

Salla Marttilla. Department of Plant Protection Biology.

Madeleine Uggla. Departement of Plant Breeding.

Fredrik Fernqvist.  Institution för arbetsvetenskap, ekonomi & miljöpsykologi.


Anita Sønsteby. Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)

Division of food production and society horticulture

Industri/ branschen

 Torna Hällstad- Mushroom company

Eriksgården- Strawberry grower