Crops weed competing properties

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The aim of this project "Crops weed competing properties" is to introduce cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods where the crops weed competition is optimally used for a sustainable weed control in integrated and organic production. The aim is to communicate knowledge about the competition of the crops on weeds can be optimized and applied, and further scientifically describe in how the crop and plant stand can compete with the weeds. This knowledge can be a tool for choice of crop-variety and establishment of plant stand in cereal crops.

In the project, we will study the weeds competing properties on different crops (cereals). In the project, we investigate how the weed situation is affected in "innovative multifunctional cropping systems" where the crops own weed-competing properties are exploited through choice of variety, seed rate and sowing date. Utilizing the ability of crops to compete with weeds is an important part of organic farming. Utilizing preventive measures is the basic principle in both organic farming and integrated cultivation.


The project is funded by: Jordbruksverket

Duration of the project: 2019-2020

Project Leader: David Hansson

Other contributors: Anders TS Nilsson