Shoot and root biomass yield of intermediate crops at different nitrogen fertilization levels

Last changed: 25 October 2023

Soil organic carbon (SOC) changes may contribute considerably to the environmental impact of crops cultivated as feedstock for energy purposes. SOC changes are difficult to detect in short-term field experiments, but can be modelled with reliable results. The potential of intermediate crops as feedstock for biogas production and nutrient conservation is currently investigated in a research project financed by SLF (2016-2018).

However, in order to assess the environmental sustainability of intermediate crops as feedstock for renewable fuel production, important data for SOC modelling are lacking. Therefore, in this research project, the proportions of aboveground and corresponding belowground biomass and corresponding quality (carbon, nitrogen) will be determined for a selection of intermediate crops and typical crop residue coefficients calculated for soil carbon modelling parametrization.