Automatic disinfecting foot spray with environmental friendly hypochlorous acid as alternative to traditional foot bath with copper sulphate or antibiotics

Last changed: 25 October 2023

Spraying of rear feet with hypochloric acid in three milking robot herds during an observation period of approximately 5 months had a weak positive effect in all herds, and a statistically significant improvement of interdigital hyperplasia in one herd. In a more comprehensive analysis with both a cohort study and a historical control during two years in a fourth larger herd, there was a reduction in dermatitis in especially first-calvers, which also had a higher prevalence of dermatitis than those older cows. The duration of treatment with hypochloric acid and how soon after calving treatment were inserted, had importance for preventing both dermatitis, heel horn erosion and interdigital hyperplasia. If the application of claw spraying with hypochloric acid could be improved, it is likely to improve the efficacy of treatment.