Impact energi of horse kicks

Last changed: 25 October 2023

– basic data for dimensioning of stable fittings and building elements

The aim is to get basic data for testing impact energy resistance of stable fittings and building elements. The goal is to quantify potential impact energy of horse kicks in order to elucidate the implication of “sufficient strength to resist horse kicks”, which is a demand for stable fittings by law. To make the demand clear serves authorities, horse keepers, stable fitting manufacturers and it might reduce the risk of injuries of stabled horses.

Measuring hoof velocity changes during a kick will be done with the help of accelerometer with gyroscope fixed on the rear hoof. Horses that often kick will be used, and will be put into situations when they usually kick. Impact energy will be calculated based up on earlier results about impact forces and impulses of horse kicks. The results will be used in order to work out a test method for stable fittings and building elements used in horse stables


Founding: Stiftelsen hästforskning

Researcher: Madeleine Magnusson

Project duration: avlutas april 2018