Prototype Plant factory: Innovative strategy for cost effective and sustainable year round vegetables production system with reducing transport emissions and food miles at Alnarp campus

Last changed: 25 October 2023

Plant factory is an indoor vertical farming system where crops are grown on tiered racks under artificial lighting. It is an efficient and advanced form of high quality year-round crop production. The specific need for alternative production system for sustainable and cost effective production throughout the year with high nutritious and safe produce through more efficient use of resources as well as land use which decreases food transport emission and food miles.

Rapid urbanization is also grabbing the arable land. Currently, 54% people are dwelling in the urban area and this trend is on the rise, which is likely to increase up to 92% at the end of twenty first century. Agricultural sector is increasingly encountering many impediments due to climate change such as, inclement weather, loss of biodiversity, shortage of fresh water and decreasing arable land. Currently, foods carrying vehicles are responsible for 27 % of road transport carbon dioxide emissions. Currently, Sweden is importing large amount of fresh vegetables. Food transportation from far way is not only increase transport emission but also decrease the freshness, quality and safety of the vegetables. In this project, innovative sustainable year round vertical production strategies for vegetables as well as its quality and safety are studied.


The is a one year project which started in 2019. This project was financed by SLU Climate Fund to establish indoor vertical farming platform at SLU Alnarp campus, with a view to promoting sustainable vertical farming research at SLU.

Most Tahera Naznin, Biosystems and technology department, LTV-faculty, SLU, Alnarp.
Beatrix Alsanius, Biosystems and technology department, LTV-faculty, SLU, Alnarp.