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Last changed: 25 October 2021
PhD student ant the Vice Chancellor of SLU are discussing research.

We want to shape the future of cropping systems, combining improved quality and quantity of crop production with enhanced ecosystem services and reduced negative environmental impact. Our research, collaboration and education shall contribute to an ecologically sustainable development.

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Lövsta Field Research Station

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Thress smiling researchers in field.
James Ajal, Ortrud Jäck and Martin Weih at Lövsta Field research Station. Photo. Anna Lundmark
People out watching birds.
Insitutionen på fågelskådning. Foto: Anna Lundmark
Researchers are testing fermented baltic herring.
Herman Berghuijs and Varwi Jacob Tavaziva are eating the Swedish dish fermented herring (sour herring, surströmming). Photo: Anna Lundmark

Some facts about the department

Some facts about the department

  • Together with the department of Ecology we form Ecology Centre.
  • We are responsible for the variety testing in Sweden.
  • Together with the depertment of soil and environment we run SLU Field Research Station in Lövsta.
  • Within the department we also have the Centre for Organic Food & Farming (EPOK), the Field Research Unit and the research program Mistra Biotech.
  • We share an environmental certificate with the Department of Ecology, the Swedish Species Information Centre and the Swedish Biodiversity Centre. We also have goals to reduce our negative environmental impact from travel, purchasing and energy consumption. We also want to increase our positive environmental impact by sharing our knowledge on sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources with society.


Carolyn Glynn, Head of department
Department of Crop Production Ecology
018-671051 carolyn.glynn@slu.se

Robert Glinwood, researcher, director of post graduate studies
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU
robert.glinwood@slu.se  018-672342        

Ida Kollberg
Researcher at the Department of Crop Production Ecology, director of undergraduate studies
E-mail: ida.kollberg@slu.se

Maria Bywall, Head of Administration
Department of Crop Production Ecology, Department of Crop Production Ecology, department office