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Crop Production Ecology Monthly Seminar Series

We provide a free online platform for scientific debate about agricultural production and sustainability between academics, stakeholders, and the general public.

Join us monthly for inspiring online talks !

Autumn 2023 seminars are usually held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 15:00-16:30 at the Ecology Centre and/or online on Zoom.

We feature research on broad topics related to crop production and sustainability with multiple short presentations by invited local and international researchers or practitioners, followed by a Q&A session and open discussion.

For the last semniar of the year we have three exciting speakers, so come and learn about traits, trees, and weeds. We meet on 7th of December at 15.00 in Tammsalen, or via zoom.

What are we selecting for? Life strategies in arable plants.
Conventional modern weed management in arable agroecosystems is reliant on broad-spectrum controls which pay little attention to the constituent species, in spite of the potential for variability in benefits and negative impacts between them. Using ecological indicator and trait values for arable plants in Sweden, we confirmed that most species are ruderal, with particularly problematic species also being highly competitive and in favour of intensive conditions. Although these findings may not apply to all agroecosystems, we believe that they can facilitate management decisions for the development of a more benign and beneficial arable plant community.
Darwin Hickman

Using plant traits to understand interactions among field crops
Trait-based approaches have extensively been used in ecology to understand community dynamics of species occurring in natural ecosystems. Although relevant, it remains underexplored in agricultural plant communities. In this talk, I will share how the niche-based concept of trait space can be useful in understanding interactions among field crops. Emphasis will be placed on N resource use in cereal-legume intercrops.
James Ajal

Functional traits in forest systems
This presentation will delve into the relationship between plant trait expression and growth strategy, how functional traits can help define functional identity and diversity, as well as how traits may influence above- and belowground ecosystem functioning. Additionally, the presentation will address both inter- and intraspecific trait variability and the pivotal role traits can play in determining the success or failure of tree species mixtures in forest ecosystems.
Joel Jensen

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Our free online seminar program is open to everyone.

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