The molecular laboratory in the Ecology building

Last changed: 14 February 2024

In the Ecology building the Department of Ecology and the Department of Crop production Ecology share a molecular laboratory. The laboratory caters primarily to staff at SLU, but external users are also welcome.

In order to use the lab, a bench fee is charged. The fee covers an introduction to the lab routines and equipment, access to all equipment, maintenance of equipment, basic service and advice from technical staff as well as basic consumables. Project specific consumables (such as DNA extraction kits and PCR chemicals) are paid by the users

The machine park consists of:

  • 3 QIAcubes, extraction robots from QIAGEN with capacity for 12 samples per run
  • 2 CFXconnect Real-Time PCR machines from Bio-Rad
  • 1 T100 Thermal cycler, PCR machine from Bio-Rad
  • PCR workstation with UV light
  • 1 plate pourer, for up to 400 plates
  • 1 Autoclave, 160 L Laboklav
  • 1 Ice machine
  • 1 NanoDrop
  • 1 Qubit 4 fluorometer from Invitrogen
  • 1 Elga Purelab Pharma compliance – Ultrarent vatten typ-I*
  • 1 GelDoc XR+,Bio-Rad, for analyses of GelRed stained agarose gels
  • 1 Homogeniserare, Super homogeniser från Bertin Technologies
  • 1 MixerMill 400 Retsch (Homogenisers)
  • 1 Centrifuge, Sigma 4-16S
  • Heating blocks, small centrifuges, a water bath, pH meter and equipment for agarose gel runs.
  • 1 Refrigerated Microcentrifuge; Fisherbrand™ accuSpin™ Micro 21R, 12 x 2mL samples
  • There are also a few incubators and warming cabinets of various sizes.

More information

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