Environmental work at the Ecology Centre

Last changed: 06 November 2023
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The Ecology Centre, like the whole of SLU, is environmentally certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001.

We who work at the Ecology Centre affect the environment in different ways. Both positively, through our knowledge in the field, but also negatively, for example when we travel, consume resources and cause emissions.

The environment group at the Ecology Centre works to inform about environment-related matters at the Department of Ecology and the Department of Crop Production Ecology. We are also working on reviewing how we can jointly reduce the Ecology Centre's negative impact on the environment. Together with our employees, we want to set goals and implement environmental improvement measures.

Local environmental goals

In addition to working with SLU's environmental objectives, the Ecology Centre has the opportunity to have local environmental goals. Do you have a suggestion for such a goal? Contact our environmental coordinator Helena Bötker.

SLU's environmental work

Ecology Centre previously had an environmental certificate together with Naturicum. From 2021, we are instead part of SLU's entire joint environmental certificate.

The joint certificate means that a large part of the documentation and processes regarding the environmental work at our university is done jointly within SLU.

SLU's environmental handbook contains documents about routines and other things that you as an employee need to know regarding the environmental management work within SLU.

Read more about SLU's environmental objectives, environmental policy, environmental training and how you can send in improvement proposals or report non-conformities.

Report non-conformities and leave improvment proposals

If you have an idea about how our environmental work can be improved, or want to report something that is not in accordance with SLU's environmental policy, you can submit a message about it in the web-based case management system IA (information about working environment).

It can be about environmentally harmful incidents such as accidental emissions into air, land or water, energy and resource waste or waste management deficiencies. Or suggestions for improvement.

To the IA-system

Under "What?" you choose "Environment" and after that, under "Underhändelsetyp", you choose if the case should be reported as an "avvikelse"= non-conformity or a "förbättringsförslag" = improvment proposal.


The Ecology Centre environmental group:

Helena Bötker, environmetal coordinator
Facilities managemet at the Ecology Centre, SLU

Anders Jäderberg
Department of Ecology, SLU
anders.jaderberg@slu.se, +46581697330

Lisa Beste
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU
lisa.beste@slu.se, +46738049159

Nils-Erik Nordh
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU
nils-erik.nordh@slu.se, +4618672561