New faces at the Department

Last changed: 04 December 2023

These are the people that recently have arrived to the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology.

Portrait photo of a man.

James Munda Kposowa has started his MSc project with the tentative title “Integrate pathogen adaptation in plant disease epidemiological modelling“ with Jiasui as the main supervisor.

Portriat photo of a woman.

Freja De Prins is a new PhD student who is going to work together with Åke, Berit and Ke on Cronartium biology. She is part of the SLU forest damage research school and associated with the forest company SCA. You will find her in room A331.

Portrait photo of a woman.

Paula Gomez Zapata is a new postdoc who is going to work together with Åke Olson om Cronartium comparative genomics for two years. She will be working a lot from Utrecht but will visit the department now and then. Paula is here until the 29th of November and you find her in room E382.

Portrait photo of a woman against a white background.

Marisel Maman is a new PhD student from Bolivia. Marisel arrived in the beginning of October and will stay in the Department for approximately one year. During her stay, she will investigate the genetic diversity of the biocontrol fungi Trichoderma sp. in coffee fields in Bolivia. Her supervisors are Magnus, Dan, Mukesh, and Carla Crespo in Bolivia. She shares an office with Sara and Jack.