New faces

Last changed: 17 February 2020

Here, we list people that has recently arrived to the Department.

Felicia Wallnäs is a Biotechnology student at Uppsala university and is doing her master thesis work at the Department. She works with Maria Hellman and Sara Hallin in the project NITREM. During spring Felicia will investigate the potential for different nitrogen removing/transforming processes in the water from a denitrifying woodchip reactor treating waste rock leakage at the LKAB mining site in Kiruna.
Anaís Carpelan started doing her master-thesis on the 3rd of February. She is studying plant-interaction mechanisms in biocontrol fungi, more specifically the role of carbohydrate esterase family 4 proteins in the interaction between Clonostachys rosea and wheat roots. She is working together with Magnus, Mukesh and Dan.
José González is a postdoc with a background in soil science and a strong interest in systems dynamics modelling. José will be working with Jiasui and his team on the impacts of climate change on some of the major crop-pathogens systems by the development and use of models that will help to predict plausible scenarios for a sustainable and enhanced agriculture.
Elin Malmström is a biotechnology student at Uppsala university doing her master project here. Elin will work with Jaanis and Sara on a project focused on evaluating short and long-term effects of soil amendments with sewage sludge on soil microbial functions. The project is requested and financed by the Swedish Water Association (Svenskt Vatten).


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