New faces

Last changed: 14 April 2021

These are the people that recently have arrived to the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology.

Portrait photo of a woman with glasses indoors. Photo.
Zainab Qayyum is a new MSc-student. She will work together with Magnus, Mukesh and Dan. The topic is phenotypic characterization of Trichoderma atroviride strains, and closely related species, with emphasis on their biocontrol properties. Our internship student, Ettore Riccucci, is currently working on the comparative genomics analysis of the same strains.
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Ettore Riccucci from Pisa, Italy, arrived in March and will be here for six months as an internship student. He will work with bioinformatic, genomic analyses of mycoparasitic fungi including Trichoderma atroviride and Clonostachys rosea.
Portrait photo of a woman indoors. Photo.
Yasaman Najafi will work together with Rena in the SLU metabarcoding laboratory, UMBLA. Yasi will share office with Kalle in the A-corridor.

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