New faces

Last changed: 02 October 2018

Here, we list people that has recently arrived to the Department.

Jonas Törngren will work 3 months together with Åke and Anna in the project “Plant protection for sustainable food production” financed by FORMAS national call for synthesis research within food production.

Miguel Semedo is a guest PhD student in the soil microbiology group. He will stay until December. He will work on expression of nosZ genes in Thauera strains.

Jiasui Zhan is our new professor in plant disease epidemiology. You will find him in A354 (Jonathans old office).
Jun Chen is a new researcher in the forest pathology group. Jun will work with Janne, Mikael and Malin on various aspects of genomics and population genetics. Jun will share office with Magnus.
Emiliano Delli Compagni from Pisa University, Italy is a new MSc student working with us this autumn. He will be working within Dan Funck Jensen's program on biocontrol of Septoria tritici blotch in wheat and fungicide resistance in the pathogen populations. He will also work with fungal communities on wheat leaves taken from our field trials in Denmark.
Louis Mielke has joined our department as PhD student working on roles of various fungal functional groups on nitrogen dynamics and carbon storage in boreal forests together with Karina Clemmensen. He will share office A331 with Arpita.

Rose-Marie Ivarsson started on the 13th of August and will work with Sanita and Erica with economics and administration part-time.

Maria Teresa Orozco Hidalgo
is a new member of the soil microbiology group. She is currently studying at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. She will be doing an internship with us where she will help us examine the effect of drying and rewetting stress on nitrogen cycling microbial communities in soils with different contamination legacies. She will be with until the end of December.


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