New faces

Last changed: 15 September 2022

These are the people that recently have arrived to the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology.

Portrait photo of a woman indoors. Photo.

Maria Morente is a PhD-student from the University of Salamanca in Spain and she will be here for three months (until December). She will work on bioinformatics analyses of ethylene-biosynthetic genes in Trichoderma species, together with Edoardo, Mukesh and Magnus. She is sitting in the same room as Eula, Sidhant and Louis.

Portrait photo of a man indoors. Photo.

George Sofianos is a guest PhD student, coming from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He will work with Edoardo, Mukesh, Vahideh, Magnus and Georgios, studying interactions between Botrytis cinerea and Clonostachys rosea and analyzing RNA-sequence data as well. He sits in the library.

Portrait photo of a man in a lab environment. Photo.

Johannes Wiesenberg is a forestry student from Erfurt, he is making a research internship and BSc thesis with Matilda and Malin.

Portrait photo of a woman indoors. Photo.

Amelia Tudoran will work with us for a month in the spruce phenotyping experiment, she is a specialist on Hylobius damages on seedlings

Portrait photo of a woman indoors. Photo.

Sara López Fernández is a master student at the Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management program at SLU. She will do a 1 year master thesis at the Department with Åke, Audrius, Rebecca and Jan. Her topic is pine needle inhabiting fungi.

Portrait photo of a man in a laboratory. Photo.

Miguel Ángel Corrales Gutiérrez is a new postdoc in our department for the next two years. Miguel will work with Salim Bourras and Anna Berlin on understanding the genetic and molecular basis of tradeoffs underlying durable plant immunity. He will be sitting in room A331.