New faces

Last changed: 01 February 2021

These are the people that recently have arrived to the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology.

Portrait photo of a woman indoors. Photo.Yasaman Najafi will work together with Rena in the SLU metabarcoding laboratory, UMBLA. Yasi will share office with Kalle in the A-corridor.
Portrait photo of a woman with long, dark hair indoors. Photo.Dora Straus is a PhD student at the University of Lleida in Spain. She will be here until the end of December and will work together with Miguel Angel Redondo on the analyses of oomycete communities from a plant soil feedback experiment. She will be sitting in the computer room.
Portrait photo of a woman indoors. Photo.Esther Kuper is a MSc studentwho will start with a research practice course followed by a MSc thesis work together with Magnus Karlsson, Mukesh Dubey and Dan Funck Jensen. Initially, she will screen a population of the biocontrol fungus Clonostachys rosea for variation in in vitro antagonism against pathogens. This data will be compared with the biocontrol ability of the same strains, and used for genome-wide association mapping.

Contact, 018-673209

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