Postgraduate education

Last changed: 03 April 2024
A woman by a tree crown. Photo.

The Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology offers PhD training in the doctoral education subject Biology at the Faculty of Forest Sciences, and in Biology, and Biology with specialization in ecology, or plant pathology or microbiology at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences.

A PhD program is four years (240 credits) of which the major part (up to 210 credits) consists of individual research and writing of a PhD thesis.

To be eligible for a PhD training in in the subjects an MSc (or a ‘magister’) in Biology or Microbiology, or equivalent, is required. PhD positions are advertised at SLUs page for vacant positions.

In order to enhance the quality in graduate education the department is a joint organizer of the research school Organism Biology and is also active in the research schools Focus on Soils and Water and Ecology – its basic and applications at SLU.

More information about the graduate program at SLU can be found here.

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Karina Engelbrecht Clemmensen
Senior Lecturer, Director of studies for Postgraduate education
Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU, 018-67 18 74