Agricultural Plant Pathology

Last changed: 05 February 2024
A picture taken towards the ground where two black rubber boots and a pea plant with pink flowers are visible. Photo.

We conduct research within plant pathology and plant-microbe interactions with relevance for plant health. This includes pathogenic interactions in agricultural systems, but also beneficial interactions used for biological disease control and plant growth promotion.

Our research group focuses on dissecting and understanding mechanisms of disease development in plant-pathogen interactions, and mechanisms of biological control of plant diseases. We do this by combining approaches in molecular biology, evolutionary genetics and comparative genomics. Our applied research focuses on developing biocontrol solutions and disease-resistant crops through field trials and breeding.

We also contribute to plant pathology teaching, and capacity building in low-income countries. Our goal is to contribute to future efficient plant protection strategies and sustainable crop production.

The research group in agricultural plant pathology

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We are teaching plant pathology, biological disease control, mycology and plant health on several basic, advanced and post-graduate courses.

Current projects


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Professor in Agricultural Plant Pathology
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