SLU Grogrund – a knowledge hub for Swedish plant breeding

Last changed: 07 August 2023

SLU Grogrund is a competence centre at SLU, whose main task is to comprise a knowledge hub for Swedish plant breeding. The establishment of SLU Grogrund was a government decision set out in SLU’s appropriation directions for the year 2018.

The appropriation directions for SLU 2018 states the following:

“The Centre brings together academia and industry to develop skills to ensure, in accordance with the objectives of the food strategy, access to plant varieties for sustainable and competitive agricultural and horticultural production throughout Sweden. The centre shall also take into consideration climate change and access to biomass for a circular and biobased economy. The development of competences and new technologies within plant breeding and evaluations of plant materials for the market are included as well. The establishment of the centre needs to include experiences and lessons from the forestry field, in order to cover the entire innovation chain.”

Purpose and aim

SLU Grogrund is primarily intended to develop knowledge and new methods in order to mobilise forces within the breeding of food crops for increased innovation potential, food supply and competitiveness in accordance with the goals set out in the Government’s food strategy.


Using research, education and collaboration within plant breeding, SLU Grogrund is to contribute to the development of food crops for the Swedish horticulture and agriculture industries. This is to contribute to a reinforced competitiveness and increased Swedish food production. SLU Grogrund’s operation shall be characterised by a long-term perspective, resource efficiency and relevance to business and society. 


SLU Grogrund is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for plant breeding of innovative bioproducts, for food production, that contributes to a circular and biobased growth in Sweden.