Management and organisation

Last changed: 07 August 2023

SLU Grogrund is a competence centre within the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV) in Alnarp. SLU Grogrund is organised as a separate unit in the form of an office directly below the Dean of the LTV Faculty.

SLU Grogrund is led by programme director Eva Johansson. Researchers and others involved in the activities, which are conducted as projects of different length, will stay within their respective department or corresponding organisation. The Dean of the LTV Faculty is responsible for ensuring that the office has sufficient administrative support. Find out more about the strategy, vision and goals of SLU Grogrund in the policy document dated 19/04/2018 (in Swedish only).

Steering group

Lena Åsheim, LRF (chair of the steering group)
Christina Lunner Kolstrup, Dean of the LTV Faculty at SLU
Anna Berlin, researcher, represents NJ Faculty at SLU
Peter Annas, Lantmännen
Lars Ericson, County Administrative Board of Västerbotten
Jenny Bergsten, Region Skåne
Mathias Samuelsson, Lyckeby Starch AB

Programme Director

Eva Johansson, SLU



Eva Johansson, Professor, Program Leader C4F
Institutionen för växtförädling, 040-415 562