Ownership and finances for breeding of apple varieties

Last changed: 07 August 2023

The project is finished

The project in brief

The project will start out from a vision of a future Swedish variety development and its importance to the Swedish apple industry. The project aims to promote sustainable national variety development and effective commercialisation of new apple varieties through collaboration between the public and the private sectors. Possibilities for increased external funding will be highlighted, as well as conditions for and effects of a changed ownership in the apple variety production.

A stable and long-term financing for sustainable apple breeding is the goal of the project and its ambition is for the conditions, including a new ownership, to become effective from the end of 2019.


Project period: 2018-2020

Project coordinator: Urban Eriksson, SLU Holding AB 

Also participating are Nicholas Jakobsson, SLU Holding AB, and Anders Nilsson, former research officer at the LTV Faculty, SLU.

Participating organisations: SLU Holding AB and SLU. Contacts will be made with a number of organisations and businesses within the scope of the project, including Elitplantstationen, Äppelriket, LRF Trädgård, Kiviks Musteri and commerce.


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