Project prioritisation

Last changed: 05 February 2024

Through research, education and external collaboration relating to plant breeding, SLU Grogrund contributes to the development of food crops for the Swedish horticulture and agriculture industries. Operations contribute to strengthened competition and increased Swedish food production. SLU Grogrund operations are characterised by durability, resource efficiency as well as business and societal relevance.

Idea sketch

To propose an idea, contact Programme Director Eva Johansson. Use SLU Grogrund's idea sketch template.This is a possibility for suitable stakeholders; those with relevant operations and knowledge required to implement SLU Grogrund’s assignment, vision and objectives (only in Swedish).

Note that the project criteria established by SLU Grogrund, among other things, require collaboration between society, businesses and universities in all projects. Project ideas can preferably be discussed during SLU Grogrund workshops. The aim is to achieve synergies and collaboration possibilities with other project ideas.

Idea sketches developed in workshops

SLU Grogrund has arranged a number of workshops. In 2018, SLU Grogrund organised seven workshops with different themes (only in Swedish). Both SLU researchers and various company representatives were invited. These workshops generated a number of project ideas which were formulated as idea sketches. SLU Grogrund will arrange more workshops in the future.

The workshops will be announced on these pages. If you want to take part of SLU Grogrund workshops, contact SLU Grogrund also sends direct workshop invitations.

Project – step by step

    1. A writing group with an appointed coordinator develops a project idea sketch. A special SLU Grogrund template must be used for this. In order for the steering group to discuss an idea, it must be submitted no later than 14 days before a meeting is to take place.
    2. The idea is then presented to the SLU Grogrund steering group, which discusses it.   
      a.  If the steering group assesses that the idea or parts of the idea are relevant and interesting to SLU Grogrund, the writing group is asked to submit a full project description and budget proposal. These documents must be submitted using a special template provided by SLU Grogrund. In order for the steering group to discuss a project description, it must be submitted no later than 14 days before a meeting is to take place.
      b.  The steering group can ask the writing group to make changes and/or clarifications to the idea sketch before the group discusses it again.
      c.  The steering group can state that the project idea sketch is not in line with SLU Grogrund, or that it cannot be prioritised. 
    3. The steering group processes the project description, discusses it and sometimes asks the writing group to make changes and/or clarifications. The steering group can also announce that the project description will not be prioritised within SLU Grogrund.
    4. If the steering group decides that the project description meets the SLU Grogrund criteria and that the project should be carried out, it recommends the dean to decide whether to finance the project.
    5. The departments/equivalent involved in the project must then submit project calculations corresponding to their respective part of the project. By doing this, the head of department/equivalent verifies that there are prerequisites for carrying out the project in accordance with the plan in question.
    6. The dean at the LTV Faculty decides whether to carry out the project and if so, allocates resources.
    7. The project coordinator is responsible for establishing an agreement with external project parties as well as documenting the project in a suitable manner.
    8. The project must report and account for the results in accordance with SLU Grogrund instructions. This involves reporting back to the steering group, taking part of workshops, writing a project summary etc.

SLU Grogrund project criteria

All projects must contribute to SLU Grogrund’s assignment, vision, mission and objectives. They are listed in the SLU Grogrund strategy (2024-2026) (only in Swedish).

The main operative activities at Grogrund are in project form, where facilities and suitable expertise are utilised in an optimal manner. An annual operational plan and budget are the basis for activities.

Projects must be carried out in accordance with the criteria below:

  • External collaboration between society, businesses and universities must characterise all projects.
  • The projects must contain a long-term plan for how findings will be commercialised and utilised by society for increased sustainability and growth.
  • Projects must lead to capacity-building. This means that undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral students as well as post-docs must be included in projects.
  • Capacity-building regarding the use of methods may be included in projects.
  • Activities must contribute to scientific development and development of new crop varieties but also to new patents and innovations.
  • Activities must also contribute to other types of projects connected to plant breeding, where main funding comes from other sources.

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