Breeding of starchy potatoes – improved quality for a more sustainable use of resources

Last changed: 07 August 2023

The project in brief

The overall goal of the project is to facilitate a more sustainable use of Swedish starchy potatoes. The goal is to be achieved through detailed variety analyses and development of genetic tools to produce new potato varieties of increased quality and resource efficiency.

The project initially aims to find new possibilities of increasing the quality of potatoes and potato products by reducing the levels of unwanted substances, and in the longer term it aims to generate practical applications for these findings. New knowledge developed within the project is expected to be quickly implemented in practice, for example in terms of variety selection, processes and new genetic markers.

The findings may contribute to a rational and safe use of the genetic variation of starchy potatoes. The findings can also lead to new and sustainable food products, such as high-value proteins made from production residues.

The project clearly contributes to visions of a circular and biobased economy, among other ways by resulting in new food products, better use of resources and sustainable products from bioproducts.


Project period: 2019-2022
Project coordinator: Folke Sitbon, SLU

Participating organisations: SLU, Lyckeby Starch AB

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