Writing process

Last changed: 04 February 2021
The interpretive plan for the world heritage is being produced

Parallel to that the workshops were held the writing process started.

Autors were Anna Carlemalm at the Regional Administrative Board of Västernorrland and Malin Henriksson at Metsähallitus. They worked in the same document and read and complemented each other’s texts. The writing was based on the disposition for heritage interpretation plans in the book Platsens berättelser.

During the writing process this disposition was adapted to fit to the work with this heritage interpretation plan. The writing was characterized by that the two authors have written and changed in each other’s texts and formulated some parts together. The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation (CNV) worked as an adviser and gave continuous recommendations while the document was being developed.

The writing started in December 2018 and was conducted parallel with other working duties. The result from the workshops was integrated into the text.

During spring 2020 an internal referral process of the plan was done at the Regional Administrative County, Metsähallitus and CNV. After changes it was sent out to an external referral process at municipalities, finances as well as regional and local actors that participated in workshops. Some twenty replies came in and after the plan had been processed and been complemented with pictures it was translated to Finnish and English as well as published as a pdf file at https://highcoastkvarken.org/sv/projekt.

A lesson learnt is that it has worked well to write together in an area where there are two principals and it has worked well with two consultations rounds. The plan was developed in each step and became at the same time known and could be developed with the help of input from the ones that participated in the preparatory work as well as by the referral bodies.


Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation (SCNI)
Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)