Effect of cow background for display of maternal behaviours during the first week post-partum in a CowCalf Contact system (CCC)

Last changed: 21 December 2021
Red and white SRB-cow with calf on pasture. Photo.

The Cow and calf together project at SLU starts recruiting cows and calves for the fifth batch in February 2022 and will get cows of different background that may affect the display of maternal behaviours during the first week post partum. We want to study this in a MSc thesis, using direct observations and observations from video material. Factors that we hope to be able to include are breed, parity, previous experience of a CCC lactation and to have been born in the CCC system.

The data collection for this project will be throughout February and March 2022 and will require many hours at Swedish Livestock Research Centre at Lövsta, probably also spending the night there when it is most intense.

In order to be selected for this project you must have studied ethology, be independent, manage periods of unpredictable and high workload, have a Swedish driver’s licence and be able to communicate in written and oral English.

Interested? Contact Daiana de Oliveira, daiana.oliveira@slu.se for more information.