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Our goal is to develop knowledge that strengthens the long-term sustainability of reindeer husbandry and provides tools that help the industry to cope with external stress from natural factors as well as other industry and human activities on the land. We perform research and education within the topic reindeer husbandry and reindeer biology. The research focuses on production conditions for reindeer husbandry and interaction with the surrounding world.

On-going projects

  • Institutionen för tillämpad husdjursvetenskap och välfärd

    EQUIP - Is reindeer husbandry equipped for the perfect storm?

    Reindeer calves with their mothers. Photo. The purpose of EQUIP is to monitor the survival and mortality of reindeer calves in cooperation with reindeer husbandry in order to find causes of losses of calves from calf marking to slaughter. In the project we will try to find solutions and develop tools together with reindeer husbandry that can be used to deal with the effects of the climate crisis and other land uses.
  • Institutionen för tillämpad husdjursvetenskap och välfärd

    REINFORCE - Climate, habitat and animal production

    Many reindeer gathered in a pen. Photo. Strategies for coping with challenges in a pastoral management system with increasing external pressures.

Completed projects

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