Ley crops in diets to pigs

Last changed: 28 March 2024
Pig eating from a pile of hay. Photo.

Do you want to participate in research about forage and ley crops in diets to pigs, and how it affects the pigs' production, health and behavior? Then this master thesis project work is for you!

In an ongoing research project on ley crop in diets to pigs, there are now several opportunities to perform a MSc-degree thesis. The project includes several aspects of evaluating inclusion of silage in the diets to pigs, as it is an interesting feed resource at farm level and can contribute to increased animal welfare.

A lot of research in the field is ongoing, but more information is needed on how dietary inclusion of ley crops affects e.g. functions and changes in the pig's intestinal microbiota, nutritent digestibility and effects on pig behavior. An important part of this project is to investigate the interaction between microbiota-gut brain.

The project can offer several MSc-degree thesis projects, with different focus, e.g. on animal health, production, behavior or validation of analysing methods and analysing of different parameters related to the project.

The degree project can take place during the spring or autumn semester 2021.


Do you want to know more?

Do you think it sounds interesting and want to know more about the project and discuss opportunities for a possible Master degree project?

Contact Magdalena Åkerfeldt, magdalena.akerfeldt@slu.se