Innovative housing system for slaughter pigs in large groups – challenges and opportunities

Last changed: 25 October 2023

Increased interest for innovative housing system for slaughter pigs in large group, holding up to 400 individuals, have been seen the last couple of years in Sweden. There is a lack of knowledge about the production, animal welfare, health and behavior in this type of system. No information is nether to find about what the animal caretaker thinks about the system. Aggressive behavior, stress and injure is associated with large groups. On the other hand is an increased available area for the pig’s positive from the animal welfare aspect point of view.

There is a need to increase the knowledge about the system throw mapping the function during Swedish conditions. The project will focus on practical experience from already ongoing system, what challenges have they solve and what opportunities do they see? The overall aim is to map the farmers experience from working in housing system with large groups, and form recommendation about how to build and design the system to reach the best outcome. 


The project is a collaboration between SLU and Farm and animal health

Time: January 2022 – June 2023

Project Group

  • Rebecka Westin, Farm and animal health
  • Elin Karlsson, SLU
  • Jenny Yngvesson, SLU
  • Knut-Håkan Jeppsson, SLU
  • Amanda Reneby, Farm and animal health


This project are founded by

  • Swedish Meat Company
  • Lantmännens research and foundation
  • Petra Lundbergs foundation