Digital supervision on pasture

Last changed: 06 December 2023

The project aims to develop an intelligent supervisory system for animals on pasture to help animal caretakers with effective daily monitoring and management of animal welfare and health. The system will consist of a hardware sensor “on the animal” and cloud-based server component for treating the obtained sensory information. The system will register the deviations in animal behaviour and activity patterns that could be used as indicators of on-going health/welfare problems and connected to standard operating procedures/guidelines for animal caretakers.


The project is funded by: European Innovation Partnership

Duration of the project: 2020-2023

Project Leader: SLU (Anna Hessle)

Other contributors: SLU (Oleksiy Guzhva, Niclas Högberg, Lena Lidfors). The project is a joint collaboration of several partners. Innovator company is Svarta Räven AB, with SLU being responsible for validation of the final technology and control of the development (with SLU Götala research facility used as an initial testbed). Other parties include Intakan AB, Syntera AB, RISE, Zellout, Contourline Tech. AB, AWA, Agroväst och DesignWise.