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Last changed: 26 September 2022
Picture of the MVM-house at campus Ultuna
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The Department of Energy and technology consists of about 65 persons and we are situated in the MVM-building in SLU Ultuna in Uppsala.

We have extensive expertise in technology and systems for sustainable production of food and bioenergy, including optimal nutrition circuits and logistics systems.

Within the field of methodology we have extensive competence in System Analysis including Environmental Systems Analysis and LCA, as well as Biometrics (statistics and mathematics with applications in biological systems) and Automation.

Staff at the department

Buses to SLU Ultuna

From the Central station in Uppsala, you can take any of the following buses:

  • number 4 towards Östra Gottsunda
  • Regional bus number 100 towards Ultuna

The trip will take 15-20 minutes and you get off at the bus stop named Campus Ultuna.

  • number 8 towards Sunnersta (you need to walk from Dag Hammarsköldsväg, bus stop Ultunaallén)

Important! The bus company no longer accepts cash on buses in Uppsala, they do however take credit cards. You can find more information regarding timetables and tickets at the Upplands Lokaltrafik web site.



Head of department

Björn Vinnerås +46 18 671834

Deputy head of dept.

Per-Anders Hansson +46 18 671877

Director of graduate studies

David Ljungberg +46 18 671810

Director of post graduate studies

Åke Nordberg +46 18 671882

Administrative director

Maria Bywall  +46 18 673106

Finance administrator

Anna-Karin Östlund +46 18 671833

Department administrator

Monica Åhman 018-671823




Postal address

Department of Energy and Technology

Box 7032

750 07 Uppsala

Visiting address

Lennart Hjelms väg 9

Delivery address

Gerda Nilssons väg 5 756 51 Uppsala


+46 18 671000

Environmental work