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The forestry will together with the agricultural sector play an important role when we break free from today's fossil dependency and our future society is build. At our department we study how resources from the forestry and agricultural sector in an efficient manner can be sustainably used to produce e.g. fuels, electricity and heat. We also study how technical processes can be improved and more efficient supply systems designed. Research about sustainability and environmental issues is conducted when we for example evaluate and map how biomass resources can be used in an emerging bioeconomy and its consequences using e.g. life cycle assessment

The solar radiation received by the earth covers our energy needs many times over, if we are able to utilize it efficiently. Plants and trees are experts in utilizing the sun for the production of biomass. How can we utilize the biomass to get as much energy as possible in a cost efficient way with a limited environmental impact? 

Approximately 25 % of the annual energy use in Sweden originates from bioenergy. Biomass is a renewable energy source and it is of interest to further increase the share. There are many ways to extract energy from biomass. Depending on the biomass characteristics and the intended application different types of fuel can be relevant to produce.

Published: 28 September 2022 - Page editor: maria.bywall@slu.se