Agricultural environmental impact

Last changed: 05 November 2021

An important step towards a climate-neutral society is an agricultural system that produces food and renewable energy with a low impact on the climate. Agricultural activities affect the climate by emission of laughing gas (a strong greenhouse gas) from field, but also by methane emission from animals and carbon dioxide from the fuel used by machinery. How is it possible to reduce the impact of agriculture on the climate by increasing the efficincy and decreasing the losses in the product chain between the fields and the food on the plate.

Impact from raw materials

What is the impact on the environment from the production of the input products (such as fertilisers and feed) that agricultural activities consume? How can that impact be reduced?

At the farm

Which is the environmental impact of agriculture? What can be done on a farm to reduce its environmental impact?

In the forest

How is the environment affected by extraction of energy from forest products?

Impact of consumer choice

How can consumers affect and reduce the impact of food production? How can products with a low impact be promoted? How can losses in the food chain be reduced?