Logistics and transportation

Last changed: 20 October 2020
Food supply chains

Logistics and transport systems are crucial for the development of effective and sustainable supply chains, for food as well as biomass and bioenergy. Improving the efficiency in logistics systems will help us reduce costs, environmental impact and fossil fuel dependency.

Our vision is to contribute to the development of effective logistics systems by analysing and integrating innovative logistics concepts and smart technologies in food and bioenergy supply chains.

4.1.Logistics in Food Chain

Material flows to, from and within agricultural sector and food chain as a whole are significant and requires special attention in terms of environment, cost and product quality including animal welfare. We promote application of GIS and include the following focus areas:

  • Local food and small scale system
  • Animal transport
  • Digitized national and international logistics and supply chain management
  • Optimisation, integration, coordination
  • Modelling /Simulation
  • Distribution chains
  • Traceability, Bloch chains
  • Supply chain and post-harvest loss
GIS application for location and route analyses
Logistics in Food Chain
Logistics for Biomass and Bioenergy
Logistics for Biomass and Bioenergy
City and Reverse Logistics
City and Reverse Logistics

4.2.Logistics for Biomass and Bioenergy

This investigates the quantity and location, and transportation of biomass resources in optimized way. The focus is to increase the value in biomass-to-energy logistics through: 

  • Optimization
  • Modelling /Simulation
  • Integration and traceability
  • Cloud, E-Commerce

4.3.City and Reverse Logistics

This investigates urban goods transport and solid waste collection. Focus areas include:

  • Intelligent distribution systems
  • Reverse Logistics including waste management aspects
  • Last mile logistics
  • Digitization and automation in logistics
  • Modelling
  • Optimization
  • Block chain
  • E-commerce
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