Anaerobic digestion of solid manure at a farm scale biogas plant

Last changed: 05 July 2011

The objective is to study the technical, biological and economic conditions for a considerable addition of solid manure (straw-rich cattle/pig manure or nitrogen-rich poultry manure) for co-digestion with liquid manure in a wet digestion process with limited addition of water. The results will be disseminated to local farmers with interest for biogas in demonstration activities. The study will be accomplished both in a farm scale plant at Sötåsen and in laboratory scale at JTI and SLU.

Solid manure contributes to approximately half of the total manure biogas potential in Sweden. Today there is a lack of knowledge on how to efficiently mix solid manure in conventional wet digestion processes. The aim is to demonstrate cost efficient co-digestion of solid manure with liquid manure in a wet digestion process where solids contribute with 60-80% of the total biogas production. If this was applied on a national base it would achieve an increase of manure-based anaerobic digestion with 2 TWh per year.

Several participants in the biogas sector will be involved in the project, thus contributing to increase the quality of the study and to give a broad and target oriented dissemination of the results.