Collaboration for improved profitability and environmental value in farm-based biogas production

Last changed: 04 December 2012

The project 'Collaboration for improved profitability and environmental value in farm-based biogas production' started in 2012 and finishes in 2013.

The aim of this study is to investigate Swedish farmers' experience will collaborative initiatives in farm-based biogas production. Analysis will focus on identifying the effects of different forms of collaboration on the biogas venture and farm profitability, environmental impacts and social/rural development effects. The study begins with a mapping of existing farm-based biogas ventures including size, location, and extent and form of collaboration. The main focus will be on in-depth case studies of about six ventures, including technical, environmental, economic and social aspects. Results will provide new empirically supported information for the planning and development of farm-based biogas ventures, as well as contribute to understanding the business, environmental and social effects of biogas production.

The project is financed by SLF (Stiftelsen lantbruksforskning).

Participating from the Department is Cecilia Sundberg.

Internal partners are Richard Ferguson at the Department of Economics, Pernilla Tidåker at the Department of Crop Production Eclogy and Cecilia Waldenström at the Department of Urban and Rural Development.