How is biogas best used?

Last changed: 05 November 2021

Biogas is a multi-functional energy carrier, today mostly used for combined heat and power production or upgraded to compressed biomethane. However, modern process technology offers possibilities to convert biomethane to energy carriers with higher energy density (e.g. liquified biomethane, Fischer Tropsch diesel, methanol or dimethylether). Furthermore, biogas can be used for production of mineral nitrogen fertilisers. Knowledge regarding the energy-and environmental performance of these systems is scarce.

The objective is to study different future strategies for using biogas produced at joint agricultural biogas plants regarding energy balance, environmental impact and user perspective with a systems approach. The aim is to identify optimal use at different conditions and to provide a decision support for future priorities concerning research and implementation of technical and systems solutions.

Participants from the department are Åke Nordberg (project leader), Serina Ahlgren and Elham Ahmadi Moghaddam

The project is financed by  Swedish Farmers´ Foundation for Agricultural Research (SLF)