Biorefineries and LCA-methodology

Last changed: 05 November 2021

Current trend in biomass conversion technologies is towards more efficient utilization of the biomass feedstock in so called biorefineries. One important aspect of bioenergy systems is the sustainability performance, especially energy use and greenhouse gases are at present given much attention. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is often used as a quantification tool for sustainability evaluation.

The aim of this project is to highlight how different methodological choices in LCA (time and system boundaries, choice of functional unit etc) influence the sustainability evaluation of biorefinery systems. The aim is further to give recommendations and guidelines for how LCA of biorefineries can be carried out in future studies.

The guidelines will be useful for LCA-practitioners, both in research and industry. Following guidelines will increase accuracy and enhance comparability of studies. Further, GHG emissions are increasingly often being regulated; this project can bring policymakers the balanced information needed for regulation and strategic decisions.